Christmas Town 3

by ianrandmckenzie

Christmas Village Was equally as magnificent and a picture of a few of the builds can be seen by clicking **HERE. ** Builders of Christmas Village are as follows: SirLeonidas, Nyroc_, leeloo, Zeetijgertje, II DRTYDAWG II, HeliBladeScraper, FuzzyFutureFox, Hayor, PurdueMatt, Gibous, villicool112, LaQuixote, MsGiggs, MorbedRain, KrazyEyzKilla

MadamGiggles Christmas Gifts In what looks to be an annual tradition MadamGiggles left Christmas gifts around spawn for players to find. In her **RedditPost. ** she did a short Youtube video of the gifts left behind. One of these gifts was found by the player Wips_ and it inspired him to hold a Wipmas celebration at spawn. Click **HERE for a picture of his celebration around one of Madam’s Christmas Trees at spawn.

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