Me + Sanvar = Constantiam Socks!!

by ianrandmckenzie

Throughout Sanvar's presidential campaign, he promised mandatory IQ tests that all newfriends must take, to preserve Constantiam's unique culture, and to bring Constantiam socks to the people! While all of these campaign promises seem like a bunch of memes, I am astounded by how such an inspiring leader is somehow delivering.

As of the writing of this post (Dec. 19, 2020), I have witnessed how his mere presence on the server has inspired an entire community to administer the mandatory IQ tests. Constantiam's culture seems to be thriving now more than ever (at least as far as my time on the server goes), and he delivered socks.

But, the socks thing seemed like something he needed help with. I knew it was largely a meme, and the story they were weaving in their announcements looked like the story of the socks was going to come to a close after the Somali pirates hijacked the shipment and got themselves blown up, leaving the socks to sink to the watery depths.

Despite all this, I knew I could help. More importantly – I love building websites and making eCommerce shops, and I have the skills to hook those shops up with dropshipping companies. Being a customer of Printful already, I knew they made a great product and would be an amazing addition to anyone's sock collection. On October 6th, 2020, I launched the site. With almost 10 purchasers to date, we've raised approximately $40 for the server so far!

You can see the socks (and now stickers) for sale here.
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