Vardzia Falls

by ianrandmckenzie

August 22, 2019 The base Vardzia was attacked and then self griefed. According to Infinitypanda the battle went like this: “On august 22, Vardzia was attacked by CookieofGods and FriedVevo. Wips was able to notify us and myself, TheGlekster, Ratrx and Wips were able to get on. I killed CookieOfGods, then we killed FriedVevo, Fried did not have a spawn set, but Cookie did. He got Noble to log onto his account and fight for him, then UncoChad logged online and fought and killed him. Wips talked them out of continuing the grief. Together, we finished griefing the castle ourselves”. The original Reddit Post giving detailed history can be found HERE


Photo Credit: Settled121
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