MinecraftArchives.com Features

Last updated: June 28, 2020

List of features/fixes in the pipeline:

  1. Embed.ly integration to allow for archives to be displayed on supported sites like Reddit (may not be guaranteed to happen because my submission could get rejected)
  2. Skins pulled from the Minecraft API for player archives
  3. Update kit/ender chest icons to latest Minecraft release (currently only 1.12 compatible)
  4. Nothing more at this time. Feel free to contact me if you'd like additional features to be considered.

Because some features may not be transparently known, they are listed here.

Dark Mode

Signing up enables dark mode. You can turn it back to light mode by going to your preferences.

Hateful/Creepy Language

Hateful/creepy language is not shown on the public feeds. I have no problem if your server's community allows it, but this website is server agnostic, which means it needs to be welcoming to all kinds of different communities. The list of words that I filter can be found here.

If you have suggestions for other words, contact me.

Personally Identifiable Information

All personally identifiable information is encrypted both at the application level (at rest), as well as at the hardware level on the database's server. The personally identifiable information that I store are email addresses and Discord UIDs. You are able to sign up without providing either of these pieces of information. I use email addresses to provide you a way to recover an account with a lost password. I use Discord UIDs to allow you to sign into this website without a password via Discord authentication.

Password recovery via Discord

If you signed up with Discord, you can enable password recovery by re-authenticating with Discord via the Settings page. Re-authenticating through the Settings page link will allow me to verify your email address.